Innovations, new measurement performances and highest quality standards are the guiding principles of BOROSA Acoustic Levitation GmbH.


Our acoustic levitation technology provides a safe handling and a controlled levitation even under difficult conditions. The L800 is the first high-pressure acoustic levitator which can levitate your samples in up to 20 MPa conditions.


The L800 allows you to perform experiments that were previously not possible. New test methods open up new channels and new products.

Possible Fields of Applications

  • Petro-Chemical Industry (reactions, mass transport, hydrates)
  • Pharmaceutical Industry (crystallizations)
  • Process Engineering (extractions)
  • Medical Technology & Biotechnology (contamination-free measurements)
  • Food Technology (particle formation)
  • Research & Development (physics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics)


The design and the manufacturing of our products is done solely under the Highest Quality Standards. Every time, we pursue the best materials, products and solutions in order to guarantee your success.


The company currently consists of two persons – Dr.-Ing. Danijel Borosa & Dr.-Ing. Charles Rizk. Danijel is the initiator, creative director and CEO of BOROSA Acoustic Levitation GmbH. He has studied Environmental Engineering & Resource Management at the Ruhr-University Bochum and developed the precursor of the L800 during his Ph.D. studies.

With his background knowledge, Danijel stands for innovative ideas and their sophisticated technical implementation.

Charles is the project developer and interface between research innovations and marketable products of BOROSA Acoustic Levitation GmbH.

He has studied Biomedical Engineering and Physics at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen and additionally Mechanical Engineering at the Ruhr-University Bochum.

At the same time, Danijel & Charles are also your contact for product information, sales and services.