BOROSA Acoustic Levitation GmbH


BOROSA Acoustic Levitation GmbH is the leading manufacturer of wall-contact-free laboratory measurement devices in combination with robust high-pressure equipment.

What is acoustic levitation?

Simply said – it is a tool to float small samples like droplets and particles. Here, we combine both: The advanced high-pressure process technology and our sophisticated acoustic levitation technology. As a result we offer you an autoclave with an integrated acoustic levitator – the L800. This is a compact laboratory apparatus for wall-contact-free measurements. The L800 includes a droplet-shape analysis and levitation control software specially designed for acoustically levitated droplets.

L800 // acoustic levitation laboratory apparatus

With the integrated L800 droplet-shape analysis it is possible to measure the droplet-volume over the time. The results are very important regarding mass transport and phase change processes. Experiments with levitated samples are closer to the reality. In case you are interested in studying mass transport coefficients for e.g. spray tower and fluidized-bed reactor design.

The apparatus L800 provides very good conditions for evaporation and drying experiments with liquid samples. Thus, in a spray tower or in a fluidized-bed reactor the droplets are also wall-contact-free during the particle formation.

Crystal growth, gelation and particle formation processes can be studied without any wall-effects! We help you to make your measurements precise, efficient and clean under the highest quality standards.

Acoustic Levitation Practical Seminar (23.November.2018):

The subjects of this series of seminars, which has been successfully held for the last six months, cover our latest developments regarding the contact-free measurements.

Seminar topics & droplet-pilot training:

  • acoustic levitation basics
  • fields of application & data quality
  • usability & safety concept
  • polymer reaction engineering
  • biotechnology, pharma, coatings
  • injection of samples
  • starting a contact-free measurement
  • bring your own samples (ca. 5-10 ml)



Participation fee: 500 EUR (plus 19,00% VAT) per person. Employees of universities and colleges pay 150 EUR (incl. 19,00% VAT). Travel and accommodation costs are not refundable. Registration until 01.November.2018 per e-mail:

Venue: Technologie-Zentrum Ruhr, Universitätsstr. 142, 44799 Bochum, Germany

Time: 10:00 h – 17:00 h (23.November.2018)

We are looking forward to your attendance!