BOROSA Acoustic Levitation

BOROSA Acoustic Levitation is an innovative start-up and a technological pioneer in acoustic levitation under high pressures.

What is acoustic levitation?

Simply said – it is a tool to fix small samples like droplets and particles, but contact-free.

BOROSA Acoustic Levitation combines both: The advanced high-pressure process technology and the sophisticated acoustic levitation technology. As a result we offer you an autoclave with an integrated acoustic levitation device.

We help you make your measurements precise, efficient and clean under the highest quality standards.

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Acoustic Levitation Seminar (20.11.2015):

The subjects of this series of seminars, which has been successfully held for the last six months, cover our latest developments regarding the acoustic levitation.

Seminar topics & droplet pilot training:

  • acoustic levitation basics
  • fields of application & data quality
  • usability & safety concept
  • polymer reaction engineering
  • biotechnology, pharma, coatings
  • injection & levitation of samples
  • starting a contact-free measurement

from left: B.Sc. Matthias Schnell (RWTH Aachen), Dr. Julian Quodbach (Heinrich-Heine Universität Düsseldorf), M.Sc. Diego Zabrodiec (RWTH Aachen), M.Sc. Axel Schmidt (TU Clausthal), Dipl.-Ing. Martin Lucke (TU Clausthal)